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Left to right: Tom's grandparents Robert and Hazel Godfrey, parents George and Mary, and brother George Jr. In front are sisters Sarah and Molly with Tom and their dog Rufus.

About Us

Godfrey's Vegetable Farm is owned by Tom and Lisa Godfrey. The Godfrey family has been growing and selling fresh produce for at least three generations.

Tom's grandparents, Robert and Hazel Godfrey, were vegetable farmers in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. They had eight children, who all grew up working on the farm. At night, after farming all day, Hazel would take off with one of  the youngest children on horse and wagon to Camden NJ to sell at the farmer's market under the bridge. Then Robert would load up the truck and head out to the Philly Produce Terminal Market (we still go there today). One thing the children remember those days—while the boys enjoyed playing baseball  more than anything, they were not allowed to play until all the farm work was done.

Tom’s parents, George and Mary Godfrey, moved to the eastern shore of Maryland in 1952. They came with George’s brother Harley and grew 50 acres of asparagus. By the late 60’s, George and Mary were harvesting over 150 acres.

When Tom was 12, he and his 3 siblings grew and sold cantaloupes; he made $94 that year. The next year the 2 oldest opted out, so Tom and sister Sarah kept the business going for the next several years. After many years of working for his dad and on his own in the Sudlersville area, Tom started working the farm we are on now.

Our children, Jane and Emily, who were twelve in this photo, were shocked to hear that a person would work that hard all year for just $94. You can't even buy an ipod for that!

Godfrey's Farm provides grocery stores, produce stands, and distributors with fresh, hand harvested fruits and vegetables in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. But we truly enjoy the hundreds of families that come to see the farm and to pick-your-own strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and peaches.

We hope you'll come see us soon!

Tom & Lisa Godfrey